At the Center, we believe in team-building, coordinated efforts and mutually complemented skills. We invest in people and facilitate an environment for them to grow individually and collectively. The Center is currently founded on a diverse team of highly skilled and qualified professionals comprising of 6 Professors, 1 Research support Officer, 1 Coordinator, 6 Postdoctoral Researchers, 11 Engineers, 1 Graduate students, 5 Alumni and 2 Visiting scientists.


Dr. Hosni Ghedira, Director

Associate Professor, Water and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Application of remote sensing in environmental monitoring, solar and wind potential mapping, water resources management in water-scarce regions, satellite image processing, remote sensing algorithm development

(PhD- Remote Sensing, University of Quebec, Canada)


Dr. Taha Ouarda, Deputy Director

Professor and Head , Water & Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Estimation of extreme hydro-meteorological events, modeling of hydro-meteorological variables, computational hydrology, environmental analysis, links between climate evolution, the environment, and public health.

(PhD- Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, US)


Dr. Matteo Chiesa

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Solar technology, thermodynamics & kinetics of material, nanoscale energy transfer, concentrated solar power plants

(PhD Applied Mechanics, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)


Dr. Prashanth Marpu

Satellite Data Processing and High Performance Computing

Research interests: Image analysis, statistical methods for large data analysis, remote sensing

(PhD- Remote Sensing, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany)



Dr. Peter Armstrong

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Solar energy instrumentation, optical instruments and measurements, measurement and modeling of circumsolar radiation, and calibration, deployment and operation of solar resource monitoring stations and networks.  CSP optical, thermal, and thermodynamic modeling; pilot plant deployment, demonstration and testing.

(PhD Building Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Dr. Marouane Temimi

Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) for the analysis of the transfer of water and energy between land, sea, and atmosphere through the modeling of hydrological, coastal, and meteorological processes. Moreover with the impact of atmospheric processes on the efficacy of renewable energy production.

(PhD- ETS-University of Quebec, Canada)



Dahlia Mansoor

Research Support Officer

(MSc- Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, Australia)


Liny Mohammed

Department Coordinator

(BscBusiness Administration)



Post-doctoral researchers

Dr. Imen Gherboudj

Passive and Active Remote Sensing and Satellite Data Management

Research Interests: Dust, soil moisture, MSG/SEVIRI, SMOS and modeling

(PhD- Backscattering Modeling, University of Quebec, Canada)


Dr. Michele Lazzarini

Urban and Thermal Remote Sensing

Research Interests: Earth Observation with multispectral and hyperspectral images for land applications, land cover-temperature interactions, image pre-processing and analysis, end-user applications.

(PhD- Geoinformation, University of Rome Tor Vergata (I), Italy)


Dr. Saima Munawwar

Solar Radiation modeling and Scientific Writing

Research Interests: Solar resource assessment, dust and aerosols characterization, radiative transfer modelling, sustainable energy solutions

(PhD- Solar Energy, Napier University, UK)


Dr. S Naseema Beegum

Post-doctoral researcher

Research interests: Physical, chemical and optical properties of Atmospheric Aerosols, Aerosol-radiation interactions,

Measurement and Modeling of dust over Middle East-North Africa region.

(PhD – Atmospheric Science, University of Kerala, India)


Dr. Naira Chaouch

Research Scientist

Research interest:Remote sensing, weather and environmental modeling.

(PhD – Engineering, Hydrology-environment/Remote Sensing, University of Quebec, Canada)



Dr.Camille Ternynck

Post-doctoral researcher

Research interests: spatial statistics, nonparametric modelling, functional data analysis, applications in environmental modelling.

(PhD – Statistics, University of Lille, France)


Research Engineers

Yehia Eissa

Solar Mapping

Research Interests: Satellite-based solar radiation modeling, dust effects on solar radiation, solar mapping

(MSc- Water and Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute, UAE)


Jacinto Estima

GIS Development

Research interests: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development and integration, process automation, OGC standards.

(MSc- Geographical Information Systems and Science, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal)


Luís Calisto

GIS Development

Research interests: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development and integration, OGC standards, Geodatabase implementation and management, Remote Sensing and Image analysis, Biomass and Forestry management.

(MSc- Geographic Information Systems, Technologies and Applications – FCUL – University of Lisbon,Portugal)


Christian Charron

Software Development and Programming

Research interests: Statistical hydrology, computational science, hydrometeorological extreme events

(MSc- Statistical Hydrology, National Institute of Scientific Research, Canada)


Arttu Tuomiranta

Solar Technologies Assessment

Research Interests: Economics of solar energy, performance modeling of solar power systems, solar energy policy development

(MSc(Tech.)- Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto University, Finland)
(MSc- Engineering Systems and Management, Masdar Institute, UAE)


Mohammad H. Alobaidi

Environmental Modelling

Research Interests: Remote Sensing in the Environment, Solar and Wind Modelling, Hydrological Modelling , Energy Data Forecasting.

(MSc- Water & Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute, UAE)


Mathias Graunke, B.Sc. (Hons)

Visiting Research Engineer

Research Interests: solar and wind technology; technical, economic and social impact assessment of renewable energy deployment; renewable energy policy assessment.

M.Sc.Student: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the MENA Region – University of Kassel (Germany) / Cairo University (Egypt)


Mercedes Ibarra

Research Engineer

Research Interests: solar thermal technologies and their applications. In particular the simulation of the performance of concentrating technologies and their associated thermal cycles for power production.

(MSc- Research on Industrial Technologies, Universidad Nacional a Distancia, Spain.)


Mona Al Ali

Research Engineer

Research Interests: Technical and Economic Assessments of Building Applied Photovoltaic (BIPV) in the UAE.

(MSc- Engineering Systems and Management, Masdar Institute, UAE)



Luiz Friedrich

Research Engineer

Research Interests: Solar technology, optimization, data analytics, mathematical modeling, decision support tools, policy advisory

(MSc– Engineering Systems and Management, Masdar Institute, UAE)


Priya Vijayan

Research Engineer

Research Interests: Active & Passive Remotes sensing, Remote sensing of Atmospheric aerosols and Clouds, Study of Oceanographic parameters using satellite data.

(MSc- Technology, Remote Sensing, Anna University, India)


Miguel Frasquet Herraiz

Research Engineer

Research Interests: Concentrating solar power modeling and optimization, solar direct steam generation, solar process heat applications.

(MSc(Tech.) Solar Energy, University of Almeria – PSA Ciemat, Spain) – (MSc- Thermal Energy Systems, University of Sevilla, Spain)



Graduate students

Majd Jayyousi 

MSc student, Optimization of Solar Technology

Research Interests: Optimization, solar energy, renewable energy, sustainable development, energy policy.

(BSc- Industrial Engineering, University of Jordan, Jordan)


Alumni (2012)

Sagar Prasad Parajuli

PhD student, Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin (US)

Research Interests: Soil Moisture, Remote Sensing, Wind Erosion, Sustainable Energy, Environmental Monitoring, Water Resources Management

(MSc- Water and Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute, UAE)



Mohammad Al Obaidi

Thesis title: “Ensemble-Based Nonlinear Regression Modeling Using a Novel Resampling & Model Integration Framework”

(MSc – Water & Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute, UAE)





Nada Al Meqbali

Thesis title: “Real-time visualization of dust emissions over United Arab Emirates using SEVIRI satellite data and AERONET ground-based measurements”




Ibrahim Al Sharif

Thesis title: “Assessment of the effect of atmospheric attenuation and absorption on solar irradiance”





Yauheni Zhukau

Thesis title: “The Role of Global Teleconnections in Modulating Wind Patterns in the United Arab Emirates”



Visiting Scientists

Dr. Armel Oumbe

Visiting Scientist, Predisol Project

Research Engineer, R&D Concentrated Solar - Total New Energies

Research Interest: Shortwave radiation, atmospheric physics, radiative transfer, remote sensing, solar energy systems

(PhD- Energetics, MINES ParisTech, France)

Email: /

Daniele Belfiori

Visiting Engineer

Research Interests: Spatiotemporal analysis of PV performance particularly in the UAE, preparation of the modeled meteorological data for UAE, run the PV model with modelled meteo data inputs and report the results of the performance assessment and sensitivity on cartographic basis.

(MSc – Polytechnic University of Turin)